Frequently Asked Questions


No. An appointment will usually be available within 24-48 hours, though more often than not you can be seen on the day.
We are open 8am – 7pm on Monday and Thursday, and from 8am – 5pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday 8am-12pm
A referral is not necessary, though if you have one bring it with you so that the Physiotherapist can communicate with the referring practitioner if required.
Initial appointments last for 40 minutes; follow up appointments are 20 minutes.
Ideally, wear loose, comfortable clothing. For neck problems the Physiotherapist may require you to remove your top. For back and hip complaints, the Physiotherapist is likely to want to see the part in question so you may be asked to remove your trousers. Shorts and gowns will be provided if necessary.
If you have any reports or x-rays/scans it may be helpful if you bring them with you to the appointment.


A thorough assessment will be undertaken. This will involve the Physiotherapist asking a number of questions about your problem, and fully examining the area in question. ThePhysiotherapist will then aim to provide a diagnosis. A treatment plan and prognosis will be discussed, as well as likely duration and frequency of treatment. You will usually receive some treatment during this first session as well.
This depends on many factors, and all patients are individuals. Following your assessment, the Physiotherapist will discuss the anticipated number of treatments. You will be re-assessed on each visit and if progress plateaus or no improvement is seen, then this will be discussed and your treatment altered accordingly. If necessary, referral to a specialist can be arranged.
If you are receiving treatment due to an accident, and this has been approved by ACC, ACC will pay for part of your treatment, and you will have to pay a co-payment of $35 for your initial consult or $30 for follow up appointments. There may also be a cost for materials.

If you do not have ACC cover, our initial consultation costs $80, and follow up consultations are $65.

Pelvic Health consultation charges reflect their specialist nature and extended appointment times, and because of this, they are charged differently. The initial consultation is $150, and follow up appointments are $75.

Pakuranga Physio is accredited as a Southern Cross Easy Claim provider. If you are a Southern Cross member, present your membership card, and we can claim on your behalf.

Payment is made after each consultation, either by credit card, eftpos, cash or cheque. Please contact us for an up to date list of charges.

Overdue accounts may be sent to a debt recovery company. Should this occur, any costs involved with recovering the debt are the customer’s responsibility and will be automatically added to the bill.

If you have any other questions, or seek further information about our service please contact us.